2022 Bassmaster Classic Champion Jason Christie's top 5 hooks


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Jason Christie is deserving of his 2022 Bassmaster Classic win. He’s a hard-working, shoot-em straight kind of guy. The kind of person that is easy to root for, Jason is someone we’re proud to know, let alone have on our team of pros.  

Way back at ICAST 2021, we talked with Jason about his five favorite fish hooks. Like most anglers, he uses a wide array of hooks depending on conditions and fish behavior, but also like most anglers there are a few standbys that he uses on repeat.  

Jason’s five favorite hooks in no particular order: 

  1. TK250 Trokar Double Frog Hook 
  2. TK130 Trokar Flippin’ Hook 
  3. TK97W Weedless Wacky Worm Hook  
  4. TK110/120 EWG Worm Hooks 
  5. TKSHB Trokar Shell Buster Jig  

TK250TK250: The TK250 is a double frog hook that is designed to eliminate the frustration anglers often feel when frog fishing: missing fish. The triple-sided Trokar point is insanely sharp and will penetrate on hooksets where stock hooks simply can't. "The frog hooks (TK250) are easy to replace in the frogs that come from the factory. They're super sharp, which allows me to get better hookups on long casts. The angle of the hooks is straighter than most hooks too, which gives you a better hook up," said Christie.  

Below Jason Christie shows how easy it is to upgrade your frogs to TK250's: 




TK 130: The TK130 is a bedrock flippin’ hook for a lot of anglers across the country. Again, the Trokar point is a major selling feature but the TK130 is also great thanks to the extreme strength of the ultra-high carbon steel wire the hook is built on. TK130's are built to rip the biggest bass you can find out of the thickest cover around without flexing as echoed here by Jason Christie."(The) TK130 is an all-around great flipping hook. The shorter shank allows me to get a larger hook in smaller baits, and I've never had one flex on me.”  

Below Jason Christie shares how he utilizes TK130 Flippin' Hooks to keep fish pinned when fishing tubes. 




TK97: Every bass angler worth their salt can and will throw a Wacky rigged stick worm when the conditions call for it. An optimal hook design and build is crucial to making the most out of every bite when fishing a wacky rig. The wide gap compact design allows plenty of room for the plastic to slide out of the way for solid hooksets. Between the design of the hook and the nylon weed guard, TK97's are incredibly weedless while also offering the high percentage hookup ratio of an exposed hook. "I can throw the Trokar Wacky Weedless in some hairy places. The wider bite gives me a better hookup on some of the larger worms I use". Said Christie. 








TK110/TK120: Extra Wide Gap Worm Hooks are a staple in every bass angler's tacklebox. The Trokar EWG design allows anglers to easily rig their soft plastics streamlined and completely weedless. The extra wide gap in the TK110 and TK120 is perfect for fishing bulkier soft plastics like beaver style baits, larger craw style baits, and of course for larger worms which is where Christie shares here, "Plain and simple Trokar EWG's are super sharp and fit larger worms great" 

Below Christie shares how he sets up his plastics on Texas rigs for different situations. 









Trokar Pro-V Shell Buster Jig: This jig is a tool hammers across the nation utilize on gameday in deep water situations. Built on a 60-degree cross-eye Trokar hook, the triple-sided Trokar point penetrates with ease. Featuring a double barbed keeper to keep soft plastics in place and a Pro-V bend ensuring fish stay pinned. All these features packed into one jig it's no surprise the Shell Buster has worked its way into Jason Christie's bass fishing arsenal! 

"I like using the Trokar Shell Buster on larger worms on the bottom. The hook design holds the worm up good, and I like the angle of the hook point". -Jason Christie






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