2023 Fishing Goals

Happy New Year! The start of every year many of us sit down and write down our goals and then strategize how we can accomplish them. I hope fishing makes its way into your goal line up this year and we’d love to help you accomplish your fishing goals! 

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2023 Fishing Goals: First things first let me be clear you don’t have to be a professional or someone who’s been fishing a long time to set fishing goals. If your goal is to catch your first trout or first bass, we’re excited for you. If your goal is to simply go fishing more goodness gracious, we’re excited for you. If your goal is to dominate your local tournament circuit and win your clubs AOY we’re also excited for you. If your goal is to go fishing for the first time, ole buddy we’re super excited for you!


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Before we start talking about how to set and then achieve our fishing goals it’s important to remind ourselves that fishing is different for everyone. Your wants/needs as an angler shouldn’t be something that’s comparative to others. I could go deep here but I’d like to keep this blog more lighthearted and less Ted Talk, but I must elaborate at least a little here. With fishing trying to keep up with the Jones’s is a one-way ticket to another hobby when fishing could be a huge passion. If watching a bobber dive under the surface with a feisty bluegill on the other end fills your heart with more joy than you can explain? Do that. If your goal is to make more time to catch bluegill with crawlers under bobbers, make that a goal and work to achieve it. Fishing goals don’t have to be attached to tournaments, big fish, or fish at all. Fishing certainly isn’t one size fits all and fishing goals shouldn’t be either. Be unapologetically you and worry not what others are doing on social or YouTube. I should cut this part out but writing that has me excited to fish for bluegill with bobbers!


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Step One: Write it down. Simple, yes, but sadly so many people won’t take the time to write out their goals fishing or otherwise. Writing your fishing goals down takes them from an idea in your head to a tangible, living breathing thing now on paper. It’s the first step in making your fishing goals something real and obtainable. There’s a reason why so many successful people and anglers write out their goals… it works!

  • Bonus: To take this part to another level adding a fishing section to vision board or creating a separate vision board is a fantastic idea. Place your vision board somewhere you'll see it every day to inspire and remind you of the goals you’re working on.
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Step Two: After you’ve written your fishing goals down start working on strategizing on action items to immediately start achieving your goals. Of course, this isn’t a one size fits all action as your goals might be extremely ambitious and unobtainable in the short term, however big or small the goal through you should be working towards it every chance possible. For example, if one of your goals is to simply fish more create a checklist of things you need to do daily to allow yourself the time to fish. Write “Go Fishing” on the checklist, heck put a lure on the list to further hammer home the to do list has a fishing trip at the end of it. Conversely if your goals is to head up to Alaska and fish Icy Bay Lodge create a list of expenses needed to make that possible and write out how you’re going to save for each. Write “Dream Trip” on the top of the page and print out a picture of a giant halibut on the bottom to further remind you what you’ll be doing when this goal is achieved.

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”

– Bo Jackson

Step Three: Do something every single day to execute the strategy that you set forth to achieve your fishing goals. Let’s be honest if you’re reading this fishing is important to you, it’s something that you with love or think you might love. Trust me, if fishing is your jam putting in daily effort into it is well worth the time and achieving your fishing goals regardless of how big or small, they will help outside of fishing too.


“You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”

-John Wooden

Reminder: We’d love to help you with your fishing goals! If you have questions about rigs, hooks, weights, knots, or how-to’s on anything shoot me an emai directly (eallee@eagleclaw.com ) and I’ll help you.


I know many folks have fishing industry goals I’m going to include a few links below on how to apply for our Staff Programs or apply to work for Eagle Claw!


-Regional Pro Staff Application


-Eagle Claw Career Listings


Fishing Tip of The Week: Fishing Line Types 

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Many folks who’re new to fishing might not know the three major line types or the attributes that make them better for different fishing scenarios. Below we’re going to talk about each line and a few different uses, but we’ll be going in depth on line types live tomorrow on Instagram from @eagleclawfishing at 3pm MST and would love for you to join us!


Monofilament: A lot of us start fishing by buying a rod and reel combo with line already on it. The pre-spooled reels almost always come with monofilament line and for good reason it’s an inexpensive great all-around option. A few things to consider when using monofilament is it floats and has the most stretch of all three line types we’re going to cover today. Another thing to consider is mono is very manageable and makes a great all-around line for beginners and experienced anglers alike.

            - Quite a bit of stretch

            - Floats

            - Easy to work with

            - Inexpensive  

Braided Line: Sometimes referred to as super line and for good reason. Smaller diameter, much stronger, clearly visible, and no stretch. Braided line can be considered the rough and tumble work boots of the fishing line world. However much like anything else in fishing there’s a time and place and things to consider when using braid. Having no stretch can be both a positive or a negative pending the fishing situation and rod you have paired with braid. Braid can be pricey but tends to last a long time.

  • No stretch
  • Smaller diameter
  • Strong
  • Not every knot works with braid
  • Very visible
  • Can be pricey but lasts a long time

Fluorocarbon: Fluoro as it’s often referred to is a fantastic option for many fishing situations. It’s abrasion resistant, virtually invisible, and although there is some stretch in fluoro it’s much less than with monofilament. It’s a high-performance line type that some anglers absolutely love but a few things to consider if you’re a beginner is Fluoro is both expensive and can be a little fussy on spinning gear.

  • Low stretch
  • Virtually invisible
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Pricey

When anglers are first starting out I almost always recommend monofilament for the price and how manageable it is, but there’s a time and place for each line type, and times where combining two offers anglers the best of each line type. We’ll talk more about that next week.


Product of The Week: LPSICK1

Panfish Ice Kit, Crappie, Perch, Bluegill

Lazer Sharp Pro Series Panfish Ice Kit! Simply put LPS Kits fit everything you need to start targeting a new species or presentation with confidence. The LPS Panfish Ice Kit is do different complete with 38 pieces that’ll help you bring more gills, crappie, and perch topside. Below is a complete component breakdown of the kit.

  • 10 micro soft plastic swimbaits in two colors panfish love.
  • 10 micro-Nymph/creature style soft plastics in two proven colors.
  • 2 Panfish spoons, one silver featuring a dressed treble and one fire tiger. 
  • 8 1/25 oz Tear Drop Ice Jigs in the most popular colors.
  • 8 1/32 oz Glow Fairy Ice Jigs in a variety of proven fish catching colors.

Crappie Fishing, White Crappie, Panfish

This components in this kit allow anglers to target their favorite panfish species with a variety of different presentations for any panfish ice fishing situation they find themselves in.


Catch of The Week:

Rainbow Trout, Trout Fishing,

Seven Nguyen from Colorado caught this magnificent rainbow trout at Carter Lake. Seven is one of the most positive and inspiring people I’ve ever met. His love for people, fishing, and fish is beyond infectious. Simply put Seven makes the world a better place through fishing and his endless positive mental attitude. Seven, thank you for being you, and sharing this amazing catch with us!

Want your photo to be considered for catch of the week! Submit your own catch by clicking the link below! 

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