Beginner Fishing: How to Catch Your First Fish



How To Catch Bass

How To Catch Bluegill

Calling all aspiring fish catchers! If you have ever had any desire to feel the rush of catching your first fish, let me tell you, I have something for you. The most rewarding feeling I’ve experienced is seeing the smiles after helping someone catch their first fish. I wanted to be able to expand my reach and help more people than I could just by word of mouth. A passion to expose new people to the awesome feeling of a tug on the other end of a line is how First Fish was born. 

This blog series is designed to flatten your learning curve. Whether it’s your first fish period, first bass, or first rainbow trout, we have you covered. We will lay out exactly what gear you need for some simple yet effective techniques. Then, you’ll learn how and where to put those techniques into action! 

I am so excited to join you on this adventure to catching your first fish, which I hope will lead to many more. Now follow me as we take the deep dive into the hows, whats, wheres, and whens that go into catching your first fish!


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