Beginner's Guide to Finding Fish: 3 Easy Spots to Catch Fish Today

Beginners Guide to Finding Fish- 3 Easy Spots to Try on Any Body of Water

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3 Easy Spots To Find Fish

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One of the biggest hurdles new anglers struggle with is consistently finding fish. Mind you, it's a hurdle all anglers struggle with from time to time, but there are a few tried and true spots seasoned anglers always look at that beginners might not. In this blog, we'll go over a few sure-fire areas that almost always hold some fish. 

Docks: Yup, hidden in plain sight, docks almost always have a wide variety of species hanging out under or around them. They provide overhead cover and verticle structure with the pillars. Anytime you find cover/structure together, you have the potential to be cooking with peanut oil. Docks do receive quite a bit of pressure so its' worth mentioning that docks are more than platforms to stand on. Sometimes, the best bite is standing next to the dock, casting near the dock, or casting under it. 

Dock Fishing, Easy Fishing, Find Fish

Inlets: Anytime you have a river or creek running into a body of water, you have significant potential. The oxygenated water coming in brings an assortment of food into a body of water that can attract crawfish and smaller fish species like bluegill. Anytime you have one food source coming in, the species higher on the foodchain are sure to follow. Various species are drawn to water flowing into a body of water. Make inlets a high-priority spot to check whenever you're fishing any body of water. 

Inlet fishing, find fish

Boat Ramps: This one can be tricky because you don't want to be that guy fishing the boat ramp as people are loading or unloading, but savvy anglers can surely benefit from the structure provided by boat ramps fish congregate near. The ramp is one piece of the fish-holding puzzle, but remember there's also a transition on each side of the ramp that fish love. Even better if the ramp has chunk rock on each side.

Boat Ramp, Find Fish

These three areas aren't species specific as they all routinely hold a variety of fish ranging from bluegill to catfish and even Muskies. 


Fishing Tip of The Week:

Fishing Tips

Today's fishing tip will help you catch more fish throughout your life than any other tip you'll receive. Move! Goodness gracious, if you haven't gotten a bite in 5 hours, it's a pretty good indication that the area you're fishing isn't the juice. Covering water is essential to angling success regardless of your target species. So many times, I've heard the fishing isn't good, or they just aren't biting, when in reality, the small area folks cement themselves to isn't producing. As a general rule of thumb, if you aren't getting any action or sign of life in an area for 30 minutes, it's time to seek greener pastures. In so many angling situations, your walking shoes will catch you more fish than the latest gamechanger ever will.  


Product Of The Week:

Eagle Claw Pro-V Ball Head Jig

Eagle Claw Pro-V Ball Head Jig (also available in a weedless version) is an excellent addition to any angler's arsenal. Specifically to this week's fishing tip, paired with a variety of baits, namely a curly tail grub or small paddle tail swimbait, the Pro-V Ball Head Jig allows anglers to cover a lot of water, which in turn will help you locate and catch more fish.

American Made Fish Hooks

Pro-V Ball Head Jigs feature an American-made fish hook with a Pro-V bend. The Pro-V Bend enhances the hook's strength, enabling the use of a smaller diameter while maintaining strength. This design allows for quick hook sets and within a fraction of a second fish are funneled to the deepest point of the Pro-V bend, locking them in for good. Pro-V Ball Head Jigs will immediately up your bite-to-hook-up ratio! 


Catch of The Week

Catch Of The Day

Owen Bundy caught this awesome channel cat using a #4 Eagle Claw Treble hook! Here's what Owen's dad Brian had to say about the fish and Eagle Claw. "The peace of mind using eagle claw hooks is nice. I've used other brands and lost smaller fish due to them breaking. I've never had a failure with eagle claw. His reel didn't survive but the hook did. I thank eagle claw for making a quality affordable product, the memory's made that night will last forever." 

Congrats Owen what a fish! 

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