Bluegill Beware: Cryo is here



When bluegill are in a feeding frenzy it isn’t hard to decipher when you’re getting bit, but when pressure starts taking its toll and they get fussy anglers need all the help they can get. Insert the all-new Cryo 24-inch light powered fast action ice rod that translates all the information needed to capitalize on more opportunities and bring more slabs up topside! Let’s put together a high-performance combo that’ll help you be your best when targeting gills through the ice this season.

The 24-inch Cryo pairs perfectly with the Cryo Inline Trigger Ice Reel ensuring you feel every little bump or nudge and minimize line twist. Minimizing line twist is about more than avoiding the headaches that come with tangle after tangle, it’s also about making sure your jig only moves when you want it to. There are times when gills are fussy that a completely deadstick presentation is all they’ll hit.

The 24 inch Cryo Ice rod displayed horizontally

The Cryo Triggered Inline Ice Reel Before we get further into jig selection let’s talk a little bit about reel placement. One of the first things you’ll notice when you pick up Cryo is a lack of a traditional reel seat. The style seat we went with gives you total control of placing the reel and optimizing balance further fine tuning the custom feel and overall performance of your set up.

When it comes to jig selection the 24-inch Cryo has enough back bone to use heavy tungsten (relative to bluegill fishing) with enough sensitivity to go super finessy without losing any feel. For deeper water or situations Wide Gap Tungsten Arctic Ice Jig in Firetiger where you can go heavy you’ll love the Lazer Sharp Wide Gap Tungsten Jigs. These jigs come with an adjusted gap that allows for more bait and changes the point of attack on the hook point leading to a higher hook up ratio.

For those days when you need to rely on finesse to get gills fired up look no further that the Lazer Sharp Tungsten Ice Flies. These come to life underwaterLazer Sharp Tungsten Ice Fly with or without bait and can drum up bites when all else fails. 

At this point in the blog you might be thinking this all sounds great but I don’t want to spend a couple hundred bucks for an awesome set up like Cryo. Our goal building Cryo was to give anglers like you the look, feel, and performance of a custom ice combo at a price that is affordable. All Cryo rods are priced at 40 dollars!

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