Brock Mosley: Second to none


Dalton Tumblin Photography Brock Mosley

Photo credit: Dalton Tumblin Photography 

Bass anglers nationwide have long recognized Brock Mosley as a hardworking, down-to-earth angler renowned for his unwavering dedication to improving his craft. Despite being a consistent contender in the Bassmaster Elite Series, the coveted Elite Series Win and Trophy had eluded him - until June 4th, 2023.

On that day, Brock Mosley not only touched a blue trophy for the first time, it was his blue trophy. Years of tireless effort and close calls culminated in his first Elite Series win in a fiercely competitive event, marking a significant milestone in Brock's career and further establishing him as one of the best bass anglers in the world. 

In this interview, Brock gives a deep dive into his winning strategy and journey to his first Elite Series win. Staying consistent and fishing clean throughout the event, Brock used Trokar hooks in two presentations. Choosing the right hook and knowing where and why to employ each presentation were crucial tactics that helped hold the lead throughout the competition. Brock trusted the 2/0 Trokar TK110 to present his Senko in two ways, depending on the areas he was fishing. Whether using a Bubba shot setup - essentially a drop shot on steroids - or targeting isolated pads with a light Texas rig setup, the TK110 proved its versatility and Brock's adaptability in every situation.

But the journey doesn't end with this Elite Series win. Join us as we dive deeper into his winning mindset, highlight some of his most significant moments, and unveil Trokar's critical role in this monumental win. In this candid interview, Brock shares valuable insights about the event and provides wisdom that can help you catch more and bigger fish. Don't miss it!


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