Catch More Bass with the All-New Trokar Pro-V Drop Shot Hook

The Trokar Pro-V Drop Shot Hook will help you catch more bass. Here are three reasons why:

1. Pro-V Bend Design

Image showing the Trokar Pro-V Drop Shot Hook

The Pro-V Bend is engineered to immediately funnel fish to the lowest point of the V. As soon as they touch the Pro-V Bend, they’re locked in. Fish can bulldog, jump, tail walk, and headshake all they want, but they’re not getting away. The tight angle of the V eliminates the sliding and leverage that fish often use to become unhooked.


2. Secure Bait Positioning

A bass with the Pro-V Bend perfectly pinned in the roof of the mouth

The Pro-V Bend doesn’t just prevent fish from sliding once hooked; it also keeps your bait securely in place. Once you nose hook a bait within the V, it stays put, allowing you to fish with confidence. This ensures your bait is set securely in place, giving you the action you and the fish both want.


3. Trokar Point Sharpness

Angler holding a drop shot hook illustrating the sharpness of the Trokar point

The sharpness of the Trokar point cannot be understated. The triple-sided point penetrates effortlessly, securing fish in the V with no resistance. This means more successful hook sets and fewer missed opportunities.


Sizes Available

Available in sizes from 4 to 1/0, there's a TK150VP for all your drop shot needs. From drop shotting smaller baits in gin clear water where a size 4 is the ticket all the way up to bigger bulkier baits where the situation calls for a 1/0.Hook size chart showing Trokar Drop Shot Hooks


With the Trokar Pro-V Drop Shot Hook, you're equipping yourself with a tool that helps you be your best on the water. Whether you're chasing your next PB or aiming to cash a check, this hook maximizes every opportunity. Experience the Pro-V difference today!


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