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Technique Specific Rods 

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Knowing why a technique specific rod can make or break a day of fishing, let's take a look at one series of technique specific rods, our EC2.5 Bass Series, and how each option within it can help you in situations you may or may not regularly encounter. Think of your favorite lake and the different ways you have to vary your approach in a given year to keep catching fish. Here's how a rod tailored to those varied approaches can make you even more efficient:


EC2B68MLFS1 6’8’ Medium Light Fast Action Spinning Rod:

Designed for finesse techniques and light line the 6’8” medium-light fast action EC2.5 Bass series rods are ideal rods for wacky and Neko rigs. The shorter length facilities precision casting under docks and the edges of cover. Medium-light power for using light line in highly pressured finesse situations, and a fast action to detect bites and hammer the hook home using single hook techniques. 

Fishing docks is always a high percentage play, but docks can receive a ton of angling pressure. A simple way to continue catching fish even though the docks you're targeting get hit hard is to skip baits where other anglers ignore. This rods shorter length allows for effortless skip casts allowing the rod to load with lighter finesse presentations like wacky rigs or Neko rigs. Combined with the sensitivity to feel everything this rod is a great addition to any bass anglers arsenal. 

Recommended line: 4-10lb.

Recommended Lure Weight: 1/16-3/8oz.EC2.5 Hookset 3


EC2B68MLFS1 6’10” Medium Light Fast Action Spinning Rod

The 6’10” medium-light fast action EC2.5 Bass Series Spinning Rod is a killer drop shot rod. A little extra length and a tad lighter on the tip this rod makes putting the subtle action into a drop shot easy paired with the optimal sensitivity to feel bites, and power to hammer the drop shot hook home on hook sets.

Whenever many of us think of drop shot fishing we immediately envision dropping down on piles of fish in deep clear water, but that isn't always the case. Drop shot fishing can be adapted to tons of different scenarios bass anglers find themselves in and this rod in particular covers the a ton of them. From pitching short casts to the outer edge of vegetation to dropping vertical on a school of football sized sallies you've spotted on your sonar and everything between. 

Recommended Line: 6-10lb.

Recommended Lure Weight: 1/8-1/2 oz.LeslieBassEC2.5

EC2B7MFS1 7’0” Medium Fast Action Spinning Rod

The 7’ medium fast action EC2.5 Bass Series Rod is a flat-out workhorse. Designed for heavier finesse techniques like shaky heads and Senko-style worms this rod is a dream to fish. The sensitivity to feel the second your bait gets sucked in and the power to confidently hammer the hook home is beautiful. The length is ideal for pinpoint casting accuracy which is needed to optimize your time on the water.

Fishing can be tough when bass move deep in the middle of summer. This is a great time to break out a Shaky head and cover water! This rod facilitates making accurate long casts and enables anglers to feel everything as they drag that shaky head through the depths to locate finicky bass. 

Recommended Line Size: 8-17lb. 

Recommended Lure Weight: 1/8-1/2 oz. EC2.5 Bass Fight_

EC2B7MHMC1 7’0” Medium Heavy Moderate Action Fiberglass Casting Rod

The glass crankbait rod in the EC2.5 Bass Series is everything a crankbait rod should be. When paired with an EC2.5 casting reel the 7’ glass rod rockets cranks out across the lake making it easy to cover a ton of water. The moderate action glass rod is a fantastic balance between crispness to tell exactly what your crank is doing and give, resulting in great hooksets. Another added benefit of the moderate action and glass combination is the parabolic bend keeps fish pinned throughout the fight using Crankbaits.


Recommended Line: 10-20lb.

Recommended Lure Weight: 3/8-1 oz.

EC2.5 Hookset

EC2B68MFC1 6’8” Medium Fast Action Casting Rod

The shorter length of the EC2B68MFC1 is perfect for presentations in which you impart the action of the baits with your rod tip. This allows anglers to influence the enticing side to side action out of jerkbaits or topwater walking baits easily. The Medium Power facilitates solid hooksets while also absorbing the shock when your lure gets trucked by a tank. The fast action also makes it easy to get the action anglers want out of their jerkbaits/walking style topwater baits.

Is there ever a bad time to search for bass with a jerk bait off a point? Sure there's a time and place to target main lake points vs secondary points, but the tool you can always rely on here is a jerk bait. Whenever I'm on a solid jerk bait bite I want my focus to be on fish and nothing else. This rod allows anglers to focus on fish as long effortless casts and getting the exact action of of the jerk baits you're using becomes second nature. After setting the hook you can confidently fight the biggest bass you can find knowing the power of the rod is perfectly balanced for fighting fish hooked pinned with trebles. 

Recommended Line: 8-17Lb.

Recommended Lure Weight: 1/8-1/2 oz.EC2.5 Topwater


EC2B7MFC1 7’0” Medium Fast Action Casting Rod

A donkey hoisting machine the EC2B7MFC1 is a killer spinnerbait rod that can also be used with a variety of topwater baits. The medium power fast action combination translates every thump of a spinnerbait blade with clarity through the 24-ton graphite while having enough backbone and power to hammer hooks home. 7’0” is an ideal length for great casting distance when you need to cover water, but also allows anglers pinpoint accuracy in close quarters when needed.

Regardless of what kind of bite you're on whenever the wind kicks up it's time to pull out the spinnerbait. Finding bass in a feeding frenzy on a wind blown bank is the stuff dreams are made of, but you need to be able to capitalize. The balance of this rod gives enough power to cast into the wind and a balanced action allowing you to feel those blades turn with just enough give to keep you from pulling the trigger too soon. 


Recommended Line: 10-20lb.

Recommended Lure Weight: ¼ to ¾ oz.EC2.5 Hookset 1


EC2B74HFC1 7’4” Heavy Fast Action Casting Rod

No thrills, meat and potato bass fishing, the EC2B74HFC1 is the tool bass anglers need to present Texas rigs and Jigs at an extremely high level. The performance and value packed in this rod is crazy. 7’4” makes close quarters pitching and flipping a joy. The Heavy power facilitates using baits up to ¾ of an ounce with ease and comfort. Fast action to get instantaneous information translated through the rod to your hand telling you to reel down and put the wood to um! This rod will do a ton of heavy lifting for bass anglers anywhere in the world.

Whenever you come up to a fallen tree it doesn't matter if you're in a boat or fishing from shore you need equipment built to rip a donkey out of there. First, the focus needs to be on getting bit. The length of this rod allows for pin point accurate pitching into the smallest of openings to get your jig or Texas rig to where the fish are. The second you get thumped your job is to rip that bass out from anything that can and will get you hung up. This rod is built to pitch accurately, feel every bite, and pull your new PB from the gnarliest stuff you can find. 

Recommended Line: 10-25

Recommended Lure Weight: ¼ to ¾ oz.EC2.5 Croc Fight_

EC2B76HFC1 7’6” Heavy Fast Action Casting Rod

Big baits equal big fish and the EC2B76HFC1 helps anglers present swimbaits up to an ounce at a crazy value. The extra-long handle is perfect for tossing swimbaits and bracing yourself for a big bite. This rod also doubles as a great Carolina rig rod! Heavy power for putting the wood to giants and a fast tip again translating information instantaneously to your hand.

Recommended Line: 10lb to 25lb.

Recommended Lure Weight: ¼-1 oz.

EC2.5 Carolina.jpg

All of the rods in the EC2.5 Bass Series perfectly match up with the EC2.5 Spinning and Casting Reels. 




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