Feel What You've Been Missing: Why the 32-Inch Cryo is Your Next Ice Rod

Ice anglers targeting walleye need to be open-minded, versatile, and sharp to catch as many fish as possible. When the bite is hot and heavy, we might not feel the pain of missed opportunities, but when you lose a giant, or go hours between flurries to say it stings falls a little short.


The remedy to taking advantage of every opportunity is controlling the controllables, starting with a rod purpose built for you to be your best on the ice. The 32-inch Medium-Fast CRYO translates information with precision clarity and exact feel that will help you make the right moves to capitalize on every opportunity!

In a perfect world Walleye would also hit jigging raps, blade baits, and spoons like a Mack truck, but sometimes hits are subtle. If you’re using a rod that lacks the sensitivity you need, I’m betting you have no idea how many bites you’ve missed. How many times have you been staring at a mark on your flashing sitting on your jig, screaming “take it!”, only to have that fish eventually move on. During those moments where your Cryo_Lifestyle_3presentation and fish line up on the flasher or forward-facing sonar sometimes you lift the jig just to see if you feel weight. Most of the time there’s nothing and you see your jig fly up over the fish, but sometimes you lift up and feel weight… fish on! There are clues your rod doesn’t have the sensitivity to signal to your hand. If you’re lucky you might be able to catch the slightest tick of your line which is a passive indicator to set the hook. These little line ticks can be almost undetectable on good days, but on windy days, good luck! The 32-inch CRYO Medium Fast removes the guessing game that comes when your presentation and a mark intertwine on your sonar. If the giant walleye so much as breathes on your jig that information is instantaneously sent to your hand. The millisecond there’s a take, you know it, there’s no guess, SET THE HOOK!

Eric with walleyeKnowing that this CRYO model is a Walleye rod that provides the sensitivity needed to feel everything isn’t enough to say that’s why it’s The Walleye rod. The reasons it’s THE WALLEYE rod go further than sensitivity. The fast action and back bone of the rod are purpose built to provide the pop you need while aggressively jigging rattle baits, jigging raps, or spoons, but with the give to keep fish pinned until you have them topside. We know all the wonky ways Walleye will pin, hit, swipe, and attack jigging raps and rattle baits that can have them barely hooked. A rod without the proper amount of give is going to leave you wondering why your hook-up to land ratio isn’t what it should be. A great ice stick needs pop in the right place, proper give in others, and the sensitivity of a cat lady listening to arms of an angel.

By now you might be waiting for the gut punch of price for THE WALLEYE ice rod. Extremely light carbon graphite blank, power, and action custom-tailored to walleye anglers, sensitivity for days, a Tennessee style handle for you to perfectly balance your combo when you add a reel. The value seems like the cost would be outrageous like most custom ice rods are priced. Eagle Claw wants to exceed your expectations by providing unheard of value at a price everyday anglers can afford. Each CRYO rod carries an MSRP of 39.99!

The next bite you get could be the walleye of a lifetime. Don’t risk not feeling the take, having the power to penetrate on the hookset, and the give to bring the fish topside. Quit telling fish stories and start sharing fish pics, fish CRYO!

Click here to be your best on the ice and add Cryo rods and reels to your ice fishing arsenal!

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