What Fish Hook Gap Do You Need? Standard, Wide Gap, or Extra Wide Gap

The hook gap, the space between the hook point and shank, is a crucial aspect for anglers when choosing the right hook for their fishing needs. Understanding the different hook gap variations and choosing the right one can make a big difference in your fishing success.

There are three variations of gap sizes in fish hooks:

Standard Gap

Wide Gap

Extra Wide Gap


Standard Hook Gap

Standard Gap Fish Hook

Fantastic option for slender baits of all kinds ranging for nightcrawlers, crickets, and plastic worms.

Some standard gap hook options: 080 Plain Shank Hook, 166 Pro-V Baitholder Hook, 218 Carlisle Hook


Wide Hook Gap

Wide Gap Fish Hook

A wide gap hook is a great option for bulkier live baits such a shiners, shrimp, or crawfish, and soft plastic like Senko style worms and Fluke style baits to name a few. The added gap space allows plenty of bite area when a little bit bigger bait collapses.


Some Wide Gap Hook options: L042 Steelhead/Walleye Wide Gap Hook, Wide Gap Octopus Hook, L097BP Wide Gap Wacky Worm Hook


Extra-Wide Hook Gap

Extra Wide gap Worm Hook

Often referred to as EWG’s these hooks work best for your bulkiest soft plastics such as tube jigs, beaver style baits, and some creature baits. The large gap area in these hooks provides the all the bite space needed for the bulkiest soft plastics on the market.

Some Extra Wide Gap Hook options: L7013 Extra Wide Gap Worm Hook, TK110 Extra Wide Gap Worm Hook, TK120 Magworm Hook


choosing the right hook gap is a vital factor in enhancing your fishing experience. Whether you are using live bait or soft plastics, selecting the right hook gap can increase your chances of a successful catch. We hope this blog helped you better understand hook gaps and how to select the right one. If you have any questions comment below we're here to help! 

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