Never Miss a bite Again: Introducing The Cryo Noodle Rod

Finicky panfish have a unique ability to bite ice jigs without giving you any indication to set the hook. There are a few remedies for you to optimize your rod selection to see these subtle takes, none better than a Noodle rod!

Horizontal image of the Cryo Noodle Ice Rod

Cryo Noodle Breakdown

The all-New Cryo Noodle constructed of S-Glass with an extremely light tip section gives you all the tools you need to detect the most subtle takes. In fact, the Cryo Noodle is optimized in a way that allows you to detect what is known as an up-bite. This is when a fish inhales your presentation without moving anything. Normally there isn’t any indication of this super subtle take, but with the Cryo Noodle rod you’ll be able to see this type of take by your rod tip jumping up ever so slightly. Knowing this visual que would be an important for you to optimize your bite-to-hook-up ratio the product team at Eagle Claw wrapped the tip of the Noodle rod with fluorescent High Vis Green.

When fussy gills, crappie, or perch feel immediate resistance a lot of times they’ll spit your jig or minnow. The tip section of the Cryo Noodle has enough give that you get the feel and visual indications of bites allowing you to capitalize on bites you never knew you were missing.

Perfectly Matched Reels

Angled photo of the Inline Triggered Cryo Ice Reel Side View of the Cryo Spinning Ice Reel The Cryo Noodle Rod pairs perfectly with either the Cryo Inline Trigger Reel or the one of the two sizes of Cryo Spinning Reels. The Tennessee style reel seat keeps the overall weight of the rod down and allows for perfect balancing as you can decide where to put your reel it isn’t set by the factory. Overall, this allows for total weight reduction of the combo and complete optimization by you being able to find perfect balance when placing the reel.

 Start Putting Your Noodle To Work

Side view of a Chartreuse Tungsten Ice Fly Before you can put the Cryo Noodle to work detecting those super light bites you have to get bit. A great starting point for finicky panfish is a small tungsten ice fly tipped with a waxworm. Yes, big crappies and perch will sometimes hammer a big rattle bait or lively minnow, but there are times when fishing pressure shuts those fish down to bigger presentations. The ice fly has drawing power on its own and sometimes they do perform better without being tipped, but nine times out of ten adding a waxie or two will help convince those fussy fish to commit.

Detecting Hidden Bites

Lifestyle Image of an ice angler detecting a bite looking at the noodle rod tip To put it simply when you see anything that looks a little different or subtle change in the high vis tip, SET THE HOOK! Micro movements that on most rods go undetected will show a visual que on Cryo. Sometimes it’ll be dramatic but others it’ll be just a little nudge or your rod tip will raise just a tad. You’ll be amazing how many bites you didn’t know you were getting before you fished with the Cryo Noodle.

Stop missing action and start detecting all of the bites you earn with the Cryo Noodle Rod!

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