TK105 Pro-V Worm Hook: The Top American Made Choice for Serious Anglers

What are the best hooks for fishing

You need a hook that catches fish. Simply put, simple idea, but you and I both know there are times that simple idea leads to heartache. There’s nothing more frustrating than doing the work to find fish, presenting your soft plastics flawlessly, then seconds after setting the hook watch what could have been the fish that put you in check cashing range come unbuttoned. if you’re reading this blog chances are you’re a serious angler that’s looking to turn more bites into fish landed, and on game day cashing more checks. What if I told you there’s a hook that will immediately up your bite-to-catch ratio and at times you’ll go days without losing a fish?

what are the best hooks for largemouth bass

The Trokar TK105 Pro-V Worm Hook is like having a cheat code. The only thing this hook can’t do is find fish and set the hook for you, but once you’ve done the work to get there the TK105 will close the deal. Comprised of American Made Wire by the craftsmen at Eagle Claw in Denver Colorado the TK105 construction and design is a bass fishing work of art. The catching starts the nanosecond the Trokar point touches the inside of a bass’s mouth. The Trokar point is the first point of contact that blends a flawless triage of edge geometry, hardness, and directional force. Instantaneously the Trokar Barb is buried and the TK105 begins locking in forcing Pro-V Bend into place. In a fraction of the time it took for you to say “got em” the fish in pinned, not just pinned, Pro-V pinned. The Pro-v deadbolts bass to the point I highly recommended always having a good pair of pliers nearby as you won’t be able to remove the hook without them.

What are the best hooks for smallmouth bass

Legendary bass angler Mark Zona is a self-professed tackle junky who’s endlessly looking for ways to optimize all things fishing. When Z speaks highly of a product everyone listens, especially the folks who make their living on the water. Here’s what he had to say about one of his favorite hooks:

What are the best hooks for smallmouth bass

“The TK105 is my go-to hook for all my worms and soft plastics. Once you hook one, you won him. The bend design is one of the most unique in bass fishing. Your hook up to landing ratio is off the charts!”

-Mark Zona

What are the best hooks for largemouth bass

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National Professional Fishing League Angler Matt Massey used the TK105 Pro-V Worm Hook for an impressive showing at the Kissimmee Chain. Throughout the entire 3 day tournament Matt Massey didn’t lose a single fish including a 8-13lb largemouth on day 2 and a 7-15lb largemouth on day 3. During the live taping Massey professed the TK105 was an incredible hook that again helped him land every bass he had hooked throughout the event. Massey finished 3rd in that event cashing a hefty check for that tournament which also lead to finishing higher in the AOY standings and another check.

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photo credit @tannertookit

“I started using the TK105 in the spring of 22 when I really started to gain confidence fishing a texas rig stick bait.  I fished nothing but that set up for a month and got it dialed in as one of me key baits that I will always have rigged up whenever I go fishing.  That hook is absolutely money and it showed during our Kissimmee event!”

Matt Massey

Trokar Hooks

Fishing the TK105 Pro-V Worm Hook will immediately skyrocket your bite to hook up ratio and help you capitalize on all the opportunities you work so hard for. Available in sizes 1/0 to 6/0 and Made In The USA.American Made Fish Hooks





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