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When it comes to trolling, choosing the right rod is essential to be your best on the water. However, the right rod doesn't mean the most expensive. StarfireX Trolling Rods are purpose-built with results-driven features and no fluff. The driving force behind the series is to provide you with high-performance, technique-specific trolling rods at an affordable price, offering unmatched trolling value. With the help of legendary anglers Mark and Jake Romanack, we achieved this goal. In this buyer's guide, we aim to help you find the trolling rods that match your needs.

Above you'll find an in-depth look at Starfire X with insides from Mark and Jake Romanack. Below you'll find information on each rod in the series. If you're still on the fence on which Starfire X fits you needs comment below and we'll do everything we can to get the right trolling rods in your boat! 

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Bottom Bouncer Trolling Rod

Planer Board Trolling Rods

Down Rigger Trolling Rods

Diver / Lead Core/ Wire Trolling Rods

Transom Troller Rod


8'6" Medium, Moderate Fast - BOTTOM BOUNCER

Bottom Bouncer Rods

The 8'6" StarfireX bottom bouncer rod features a moderate fast action and soft tip, ideal for telegraphing bites without applying too much pressure and alerting fish. The composite construction provides excellent sensitivity for using 1–4 ounce bottom bouncers with spinner rigs, slow revolve rigs, and blade rigs. The hybrid cork/EVA foam grip works equally well when holding the rod or using a rod holder.


7'6" Medium Heavy, Moderate Fast | 8'6" Medium, Moderate Fast - PLANER BOARD RODS

Planer Board Rods

The StarfireX in-line planer board rods are available in 7'6" and 8'6" lengths and feature a forgiving tip section, yet enough backbone to handle the weight of boards and the resistance of deep diving crankbaits, snap weights, and other trolling gear. The composite construction offers the perfect balance of sensitivity for detecting bites and durability for pulling heavy gear.



7'6" Moderate, Medium Light | 8' Medium, Moderate | 8'6" Medium Heavy, Moderate - DOWNRIGGER RODS

Downrigger Rods

StarfireX downrigger rods are available in 7'6 ", 8', and 8'6" lengths and great for a variety of trolling applications. They feature a forgiving moderate action with enough backbone to tame stubborn fish. The rugged glass construction is tough enough to handle the harshest conditions. The X-Wrap EVA grips and no-spin foregrip provide excellent ergonomics and comfort for fighting big fish.



9' Medium Heavy, Moderate Slow | 10' Medium Heavy, Moderate Slow - DIVER / LEAD CORE / WIRE

Diver_Lead Core_Wire Rods

StarfireX diver rods are available in 9' and 10' lengths and feature a moderate slow action which is ideal for fishing standard or magnum divers and lead core. They also include heavy-duty stainless steel guides to handle abrasive copper wire. The 9' model features an industry first telescopic design, which makes storage in smaller rod lockers possible.



6' Heavy, Moderate - TRANSOM TROLLER

Transom Troller Rod

The 6' StarfireX transom rod is designed to be run directly off the back of the boat as a bonus rod. Its shorter length makes it nimble enough not to interfere with other rods on the side of the boat. The moderate action is perfect for a variety of trolling techniques, and this rod is also perfect for deep-water jigging applications.


Why Troll with Starfire X?

Starfire X rods bring the legacy of Starfire into the world of modern trolling. The price point and durability you expect from Starfire with elevated performance that creates a value you won't believe. 


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