What Type of Bobber do I need?

There's nothing like watching a bobber dance across the surface before being pulled under. It gets your heart pumping, your imagination running wild, and the anticipation is flat-out fun! If you're like me and many other folks, most bobber fishing is done with the classic red and white bobber. However, some options can expand your bobber/float fishing to almost limitless depths and species!


Bobbers vs. Floats

First, let's clarify some terminology. I've yet to see any concrete evidence that bobbers and floats aren't two different words for the same thing. We can probably lump in "strike indicators" as bobbers, too.

Fixed vs. Slip Bobbers

There is a tangible difference between fixed and slip bobbers.

Fixed Bobber: A fixed bobber (which most of us are familiar with) is attached directly to the line and doesn't move.

Slip Bobber: A slip bobber slides up and down the line between the bait and a bobber stop.


When to Use Each?

The most straightforward answer here is that it depends on the depth at which you want your bait.

07020_004Fixed Bobbers:

  • Easier to use
  • Limited to shallow depths
  • At a certain point, setting a fixed bobber too high up the line makes it impossible to cast.

EC488BSlip Bobbers:

  • Require a bit more setup
  • Can be set at any depth and cast comfortably
  • The line runs through the bobber, allowing it to move between the bobber stop and the hook.

Quick Guide

Shallow water with a super simple setup: Use a fixed bobber.

Deeper water with a slightly trickier setup: Use a slip bobber. By "slightly trickier," I mean it's more involved than using a fixed bobber, but it's still simple

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