Finesse Fishing and Hook Selection


A variety of conditions from cold weather to fishing pressure can lead fish to behave sluggishly or timidly. Finesse fishing tactics are often employed in these situations. Finesse fishing is particularly effective when fish are less active or less aggressive. Coaxing a bite out of a spooked or lethargic fish is a fun challenge and requires skill and patience. It also requires high quality, reliable tackle--particularly hooks. Hooks are especially important when bites are few and far between or are soft and timid. Imagine finally getting a fish to slap at a bait in heavily pressured water only for the hook to not set? It's frustrating to say the least. High quality, American made hooks are an insurance policy on the time, skill, and effort it takes to get a fish to bite because there's a greater chance the hook sinks on those rare or lighter bites. Make sure your time is well spent.

When it comes to finesse fishing hooks, Lazer Sharp and Trokar provide anglers with various high quality options to fit the needs of a chosen technique. The needlepoint hook point featured on Lazer Sharp options are time tested, and offer anglers competitive pricing. The needlepoint on Lazer Sharp's lineup of hooks are relied on by professional and avid anglers alike, and the hooks are offered in many cases, in the same profile as Eagle Claw's flagship, meticulously engineered Trokar lineup. Trokar hooks are elite grade, offering a hook point inspired by surgical instruments where precise, effective penetration is paramount. The patented triple sided Trokar point is unmatched. Both Lazer Sharp and Trokar give anglers a better chance of landing fish, especially in finesse fishing applications. Here are some great finesse fishing presentations to try next time the bite is stingy on your favorite body of water.

Wacky Worm


The Wacky Worm technique is great all times of year from the spawn through to post spawn, and when the fish move to deeper structure. It's a very simple finesse style of fishing, that is easy for beginners to pick up and learn quickly. That said, its also nuanced and its effectiveness makes it a fun technique for avid fisherman to master and make their own.

  • The Trokar TK97 Wacky Worm Hook is the Wacky Worm serious anglers seek out and trust, but a same format option is availabe with Lazer Sharp's needlepoint hook point as well. Anglers can't go wrong with either.
  • Don't overlook the TK137 Pro-V Finesse Hook though. The unique Pro-V bend aids in holding baits in place and helps hold fish once hooked as well. A weedless option opens up new possibilities for anglers who like to chase fish in heavy vegetation.

Drop Shot


The Drop Shot Rig can be the most versatile style of finesse fishing. It allows anglers a reliable technique in different conditions from locating schools of fish and dropping straight on them, to pitching in shallow cover, or dragging over beds. The drop shot presents the bait in a way that can trigger high pressured fish which makes it especially valuable.

  • Cylinder or Round Drop Shot weights provide anglers with choice and profiles that may be better suited to snagging less in their home body of water. These pinch on weights offer quick, reliable rigging.
  • The Trokar TK230 “Helix”Drop Shot Hook has a built in swivel, which allows the angler to tie one end to their mainline, and the other to their weight. A little easier than learning a drop shot knot, and the swivel has the added benefit of eliminating line twists, allowing the bait to move 360 degrees, which can be a better presentation.

Ned Rig



The Ned rig is an awesome finesse technique that can trigger bites in areas that have high pressured fish as well. Using lighter weights and smaller profile baits that flutter down offer a presentation most fish cannot resist. It can be fished in any area that holds fish, which makes it another technique that is easy to learn but can be a lifelong pursuit to master.

  • Equipped with streamlined heads in a variety of size and color options in standard and weedless versions, the Pro-V Finesse jigs in both Lazer Sharp (lead) and Trokar (Tungsten) offerings are a new benchmark for Ned-style rigging. The moulded keeper and Pro-V bend are unique to these jigs and make them superior to other options on the market.

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